ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ‎

 In this modern world, our day to day routines are never the same. With Iman Tracker, you’ll be able to track and be motivated to complete your daily prayers.

With this thought, we’ve developed an app for you and your family.

What users say

I love the badges!

― Mominah, Year 6 Student

Best feature is it’s ad free!

― Zaid, Parent


Ad Free

We understand and have had first hand experience with islamic apps that are offered with ads. Although the apps may be free, the types of ads and when they are displayed cannot be controlled. This is specially important when kids have access to devices. With Iman Tracker, we’re offering the free product without ads and encourage you to purchase the premium if you like our products. With your support we’ll maintain and further enhance the product.

Prayer times with Notifications

Ability to turn notification on and off – and further for specific prayers (Premium). There’s no adhan playback at an inconvenient location or undesirable timing.


Ultimately all rewards for your prayers are with and from the Almighty. However, be motivated and collect badges as you complete your prayers.

Missed Prayers

Keep on top of missed prayers and easily mark them as done.